My name is Marvin Turner, W0MET and I am the club president for Stones Amateur Radio Club for 2020.  If you have not been active and you are still interested in joining the Amateur Radio Club, I encourage you to come to our next meeting which will be February 6th, 2020.  We meet on the 1st Thursday of every month. Our meetings are held at the Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency building located at 1220 College St. in Murfreesboro. This is the first email being sent out by me as your new president.  All emails should come from

I am writing this email because we have a lot of activities planned for 2020 and would love to have you involved. I have attached a copy of our yearly calendar, but here is the shortlist.

– Fox Hunts

– Field Day

– SRARC  Picnic

– Tennessee QSO Party

– Christmas Parade

…and more

In addition to planning for these events, we have secured the website In 2020, we are making some positive changes that are just being released here for the first time such as the website which is now live.

This new website contains a lot of information that is useful for new hams to help them such as frequency page, Ham 101 video, our monthly training schedule, news feeds, mesh network and we have a google calendar that has meetings, hamfest, training, and many other calendar events on it. This is not an exhausted list of items you can find, but I encourage you to go out to the webpage with the link above and check it out for yourself.
The website will be a continuous project that will have new updates and changes throughout the year.

I want to give Glenn Clute (Vice President) W1KOM a huge applaud for all of his time, effort to help get this site up and running over the last week. While it has been both of us working on it. Glenn did all the groundwork and was willing to host the site which makes the cost to the club – zero dollars.

Each month we have a topic of discussion where we have fellow hams with knowledge and experience give a presentation on topics such as Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), APRS, First Aid, Station Grounding and more as just some of our 2020 topics. This will give us opportunities to learn more about a wide range of topics that mesh together with amateur radio.

The great thing about Amateur Radio is not only the fact that it’s the last line of communication in the event of a disaster but it’s also multifaceted. You can get really involved or you can just participate in the activities that interest you. You can learn a little about everything or you can concentrate on that one thing you really enjoy.  When you get good at it, you teach others!!

The best way to learn and keep up to date with what’s going on is by attending our meetings. You don’t even have to be a member. You can sit in as a guest and never sign up for the Radio Club. If you want to be a member, you get voting privileges and dues are $20.00 for the year as an individual and $30 for families.

Again, if you are receiving this email and you’re not active, I encourage you to come to our next meeting and check us out. We are looking forward to making a lot of radio contacts in 2020, but we are also looking forward to supporting the SRARC and our community and we are looking forward to growing our membership and getting more amateurs involved with Amateur Radio.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Marvin Turner


Stones River Amateur Radio Club President