Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN) –
This is a nationwide network and we are in the SouthMesh portion.
The SRARC plays a big roll in the SouthMesh AREDN Network. This network allows stations various options such as Mesh Internet, Mesh Phone services,  Winlink connections, Mesh Chat and many more.
We maintain a mapping server so we are able to check the current status of the Mesh and individual nodes throughout the SouthMesh.
Many of our members have Mesh nodes running on their home internet connections while others who are able have an RF connection to a local node on a tower and some are even mobile.
Below are two presentations about AREDN presented by Tom Delker K1KY.
They are similar but in two different formats.
1: AREDN Mesh Video Presentation by Tom Delker K1KY


Partial view of the current South Mesh Map.