Welcome to the support FAQ for the MMDVM Hotspots and the most common radio with our club members the Anytone 878.

Common MMDVM Hotspot Issues:
1:  No Display – Some of the units I’ve seen have not been configured so the display doesn’t come on when the unit is powered on.
If you follow the below setup document it’ll walk you through the setup to get it working.

2: Hotspot won’t connect to Wifi – The hotspots are designed for 2.4 GHz wireless connections. Companies such as ATT and Comcast will configure their home wifi routers so the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless networks use a single wireless SSID (name).
When you try and configure the Wifi on the Hotspot it will list the wireless network as 2.4GHz and allow you to enter the password.  Once you click Save and Connect and you reboot the hotspot it won’t connect.
To resolve this issue log into your ATT or Comcast router and change the wireless settings so it shows 2 separate wireless networks.  One for 2.4GHz and one for the 5GHz. This will resolve the issue.
You can contact your Internet Service Provider and they will usually help change these settings for you.

3: Hotspot won’t connect to your mobile phone:  This is probably one of the most common issues.
A few suggestions to try first are to keep your phone hotspot name and password letters and numbers only. Don’t use any special characters and make sure there aren’t any spaces in the name.
Before trying to configure or connect to your phone hotspot turn on the phone hotspot and wait for 2 minutes. Then power on your MMDVM and wait for it to fully boot up before configuring or testing it with Parrot.
If this doesn’t resolve the issue you may want to try one of the latest Beta versions of the Pi-Star software. I’ve heard this resolves some of the iPhone connection issues.

4: Setup Issues: Many hotspot owners try and rush the setup process. You need to follow the instructions below and give the unit enough time to refresh the screen after completing each section of the configuration.
Also, pay attention to how the initial wifi process works. When you no longer see pi-star listed in your wireless network choices that means that the wifi network you just entered connected.

5: Follow the instructions: If you’ve followed the instructions and you are still having issues. Then we recommend that you click Factory Reset and try the setup again. This has resolved issues with several hotspots.

MMDVM Hotspot Setup Instructions
Click Here to download the MMDVM Hotspot setup Instructions

MMDVM HotSpot Setup