Updated W1KOM Code Plug: v2.36  – Added 10/01/20
This code plug contains various fixes along with the Short Mountain DMR Repeater.
Updated Anytone 878 CodePlug


W1KOM Codeplug Update, v2.32
05/18/2020 Release Notes:  
The TEMA Repeater Settings match the new changes on the repeater.
This Codeplug contains all the previous MTEARS and most of the local analog repeaters, FRS/GMRS frequencies, added Local 2 & 9 on TS2. Also, updated the Cross Plains analog repeater callsign and tone to the new settings.
Added Ken-TENN and QuadNet Talk Groups to all the repeaters.
Also Added the Southeast Link TG 314722 to all the repeaters.
APRS works on Analog and Digital frequencies. Depending on which mode is set active.
Analog is set to use -5 and Digital -7. (You will probably want to modify the APRS symbol)
TG Disconnect now works on all repeaters and on HotSpots.
On the 878 Hold the blue button down when no one is talking and It’ll show Disconnect on the screen. Then press the transmit button to disconnect from the TG. It will announce when it disconnects.
No one can be transmitting when you disconnect or it won’t work. This can be tricky on a busy TG.
As always I’ve tried to fix minor issues I’ve found. If you find a problem please notify me and I’ll update it on the next release.
This version was created with version 1.17 CPS for the Anytone 878 Firmware 1.17.
It will probably work fine with the Anytone 878 Firmware 1.18.
I personally don’t recommend the 1.18 firmware. The firmware and CPS software have received several complaints from users. I had several issues with it myself so I went back to the 1.17 firmware.
Also, stay away from the 1.18N CPS software. This will add blank Zones to the radio and cause multiple issues with the programming of the radio.
I’ve modified the P1 and P2 buttons to do the following.
Short Press of P1 hasn’t changed. It switches between Channel A & B
Long Press of P1 turns on VFO Mode.
Short Press of P2 now turns on the Digital Monitor.
Long Press of P2 will allow you to change a channel’s Time Slot to TS1 or TS2.
This version has the following DMR Repeaters broken into different Zones. TEMA, Bethpage, Crossville, Chattanooga.
As always remember to add your RadioID and Callsign in the RadioID List.
Also, add your callsign in the APRS settings under “Your Call Sign”.
The APRS Menu option should be available in the left menu.
If you don’t see APRS listed in the left menu. Click “Tool” then “Options”. Check the boxes for GPS and APRS and click OK

Click Here to download Version 2.32

If you have any questions feel free to look me up on QRZ.

Glenn Clute – W1KOM
V.P. Stones River Amateur Radio Club.