As Vice President of the Stones River Amateur Radio Club and an MTEARS Net Control Operator, I would like to say Thank You to everyone that was involved with weather events that happened on Saturday.
I was Net Control on MTEARS for part of the day and we had many reports coming in from various areas across the state which in turn helped the NWS know what was happening on the ground.
I heard the Rutherford County ARES group which is primarily SRARC members get the net up and running early and they did a great job with it.
There were many other ARES and SKYWARN Nets around Middle TN who also did a great job.  DCARES and WCARES are two others that came to mind but there were many more.
All of us who volunteer with MTEARS appreciate everyone working with their local ARES and SKYWARN Nets to pass traffic to MTEARS. It’s a great system for passing traffic to the NWS and this weekend was another example of it.
We will have more storms and other events which will require this type of support so keep working on your traffic handling skills and testing equipment.

Thank You,
Glenn Clute ~ W1KOM
Vice President, Stones River Amateur Radio Club